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участок в гаспре . участки в гаспре . dog grooming calgary . A rich data and methodological expertise, combined with our extensive network of specialized consultants and industry experts in Europe and the US, makes ATA a logical choice for preparing unique, rigorous, scientific reports on breakthrough technology, research domains, industry surveys, and competitive or regional analyses.
 Close-up of patent citations: The zoomed view of the core of the network shows the structural segregation of the patents associated with SmithKline Beecham's imidazole-related drugs from diaryl urea compounds (such as BIRB 796) which reached phase III clinical trials in 2002. - Development timeline of selected P38-inhibitor drug candidates The plot shows the main projects of GlaxoSmithKline and Boehringer Ingelheim with their intended therapeutic targets. Colors indicate project status. All of GSK's p38 inhibitors failed in preclinical or clinical trials.
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At ATA, we work closely with our clients and - thanks to our innovative approach - we help them to leverage their understanding of the business area in which they operate, assessing key issues in order to find customized solutions for:
  • Optimizing R&D and IP portfolio management
  • Developing technology strategies (supporting R&D investment decisions, analysis of collaborative R&D opportunities, technology roadmapping)
  • Assessing new product/market development opportunities
  • Performing technology and/or R&D due diligences
  • Performing feasibility studies & preparing business plans
  • Locating potential complimentary partners for dealmaking
  • Evaluating R&D productivity and scientific positioning
 ATA - Advanced Technology Assessment